Saturday, January 5, 2008

Lipstick on a Pig

Applying for grad school = not hot.

Really, the whole process has been pretty daunting. Even more so now that I'm actually following through and doing it, instead of my usual method of talking a big game and then hiding in the bathroom until the coast is clear. This whole process was a lot easier in high school. Back then I had awesome grades, extracurriculars that didn't require a paragraph of explanation, and an army of of people who could write awesome recommendations. And the common application. Oh, how I miss that xeroxable form. Especially since it implied that I had as many options as I had copies.

Now, not so much. I'm applying for television studies to the one school that has a program that matches my interests perfectly. And it is the #1 school. And I'm also applying to its advertising program (top 10). I can't help but feel that I may be overreaching. It has taken me forever to write personal statements -- one for each program. The advertising one has me particularly freaked because I have it set in my mind that if I can't sell myself to the school then I will be beyond any help the program could provide. I think I did alright with it, much better than with my television studies one. The TV one is so gushy but I don't know if I have much more I can add. I just need to remember that a bad PS will keep you out, but a good PS won't get you in and my PS is not bad.

The supplemental documents are really killing me.

Resume: I'm actually really okay with mine, I just don't know how "Bowling Center Manager" is going to read.

Grades as Index of Abilities: This is where I get into trouble. I was a B student at Oberlin, and I have no idea how that translates in academia. In the grand scheme of things (as in, the Universe) I think a B average is a major accomplishment. It is nowhere near the 3.4 that Syracuse uses as a benchmark.

Academic Honors/Leadership: Yeah, you don't get academic honors or special recognition with a B average.
So I have to focus on all the co-op stuff which is going to require a lot of context. I feel like my application is so text-heavy already.

Qualifications for Teaching Assistantship: This is where my ExCo will come in handy. Though again, texty.

The good news is I'm almost done. I think. I hope? I'm not brimming with confidence, but I've had that feeling quite a few times and things have turned out OK. Usually a B+.

Geez, Oberlin really destroyed my self-confidence. Just for that, I might go to work some point...maybe.

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