Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Every Tuesday afternoon the bowling center I work at hosts a local senior bowling league. It's a program that works in conjunction with the town Senior Center and each month they produce a newsletter/booklet called The Chatterbox. It contains a listing of upcoming events for the month, a holiday related recipe or two, a "poem" (or whatever you call rhyming couplets based around banality) and requests for volunteers and donations. I'll usually skim through to see what sort of stuff is happening around town and see if there is anything worth passing to Passive Aggressive Notes or the FailBlog. Here is an excerpt from the newest issue:


It is with great regret and sorrow that Ruth and I have decided, due to massive cut backs in spending that we are no longer going to be able to publish the Chatter Box after this publication. We in the past have been running off 650 copies of each page to distribute to the general public in different public areas, hospitals, Dr. offices, living facilities. Our normal publication has at least 9 pages of information and 1 calendar page. That comes to a total of 6,500 pages for each month. The cost of ink has risen too as well as the price of paper. Not only does the increase cost affect us be we too are considering the effect on the environment by cutting so much of our tree population to produce the paper. We as a Senior Center must contribute to saving our planet. It seems like such a small sacrifice to make. I know that some of you will be upset with this news, but all we can say to you is: APRIL FOOLS!

What I like about this is the conversation I'm imagining took place as the author(s) were writing up this joke.

Ruth: Ooo, put in that part about saving trees
Not-Ruth: Yeah! That's a great touch! That'll really make the sale!
Ruth: Hey, wanna hop in my Hummer and knock down trees in the Arb after we print these babies?

I know that conversation didn't take place, but I think it makes their little joke that much more enjoyable.

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