Sunday, February 10, 2008


Back in the day, I used to be quite the athlete. Did I mention that "the day" was back in 1989? This weekend has really made me regret whatever caused me to not play outside that one day oh so many years ago, resulting in the very tired blogger before you.

Saturday I started off by practicing with the new bowling ball I got a couple days prior: The Black Widow Bite. I. Love. This. Ball. Mercedes was working the desk on Thursday when I got the ball and again on Saturday when I came in to practice. I think she described it best when I was coming off of a shot that had spectacular results that I looked like a kid in a candy store on Christmas Day. A bit of an understatement, but whatever. However, it had been a while since I had an extended practice session and I felt kind of gross afterwards.

I debated whether or not I should play some DDR during the afternoon and decided against it. Good call on my part. Last night was the first session of the Ice Hockey ExCo. I decided to take the class so I could learn to ice skate and it is a lot more work than I realized. Besides keeping your balance you also have to propel yourself forward. And then some wiseguy decided that hitting a small disc with a stick would be a good idea on top of everything else. Curse you French Canadia! Actually, I was impressed on how quickly I picked up the skating part -- I only had one spectacular fall and a few less glamorous mishaps. The hockey skills portion was a little more challenging, particularly since while we learned how to skate, we haven't fully covered the concept of stopping. All in all, I'm very excited about this class, despite my body protesting Sunday morning. "What did you DO?" I could hear my legs ask.

No rest for the weary though. I had a bowling tournament this afternoon. When we submitted our entry, our secret weapon was Avi. His average last year was a 159 -- he is currently bowling a 178 average in Classic. It's not my fault they waived the 10-pins-over-average rule. The other secret weapon, which didn't even become a possibility until Thursday, was my new ball. Just to give you an idea of how things went, here is everyone's Average/High Game/Total Series from today:

Avi: 159/223/594 (+117)
Brian: 203/268/642 (+33)
Mike: 181/227/612 (+69)
Bryan: 197/260/636 (+45)
Dan: 185/173/498 (-57)

Team: 925/1050/2982 (+207)
With Handicap: 3400

If those numbers don't mean much to you, here's a better breakdown. We averaged 198.8 per bowler per game. Also, we cashed last year with a score of 3242 (with handicap). Our low team game of 958 was still 33 pins over average. We. Kicked. ASS. I am so pumped right now. Pumped...and exhausted.

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