Monday, May 21, 2007


My work e-mail account has a spam filter that e-mails you a listing of potentially naughty/non-sensical items sent to the address. It's a nice occasional giggle every afternoon around 2:30. All the listings show is the source e-mail address, the subject line, and a button to click if you wish to allow the e-mail to go through.

Today's subject line giggle: "This may happen on its own or with an attack of meningitis."

It is equally horrifying and hilarious to imagine what that subject could be referring to. I didn't pass it through the filter since it is undoubtedly an ad for Ci@l!s (I didn't know meningitis caused that) or a plea from some dignitary from Africa (which tends to happen on its own).

But maybe it is referring to something else? Maybe it's the new tag line for Heroes?

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