Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Idol of America - Part I

I caught the Idol Rewind this weekend and they had the Kelly/Justin finale on. Man, same venue, but the staging was so scaled back it looked like it could have been made in a basement. My how times have changed.

Also, thanks for the Seattle recap, show! I missed the Seattle episode the first time around and I didn't realize until reading the most recent recap that both contestants were from that group. And Blake -- you are my guitar hero.

And for tonight's show...


I think he is trying to throw the competition -- you NEVER choose to go first. More on that later.

You Give Love a Bad Name: I liked the Bon Jovi the second time around. It seemed a bit more polished this time, however the shock value that encapsulated the first performance just didn't resonate tonight. Definitely the best performance of the night. And it was absolutely adorable how geeked he was to be on that stage.

She Will Be Loved: Squeeeee! At least I got my wish that he would perform that song. I do agree with Simon that tonight was not the best night to whip it out (dirty!), and seemed very "Black Horse and The Cherry Tree" of Blake to do so.

This is My Now:
Yuck. Not your fault, Blake. Even if he were able to put his own spin on the song, it still would have been a hot mess. If he doesn't want to win, that song should seal the deal for him. If he is legit, then choosing to go first may have been quite the strategic move.


Fighter: The sound seemed really weird -- like she was singing in a closet or something. Regardless, Jordin lacks the ferociousness needed to approach that song. Whither the ball busting, Jordin?

A Broken Wing: Love the outfit (finally)! It was alright. I seemed to recall liking it the first time around, but it certainly wasn't memorable then or tonight.

This is My Now: She escaped the iron lung -- good for her! I loved the audience shot with Melinda: she looked stupefied. I'm so glad she didn't have to sing this drivel, especially since her voice would not match it.

At this point I'm ambivalent since 1: Melinda isn't there, and 2: Most of my prognostication this season has been wrong and I'm tired of picking the wrong pony.

Lastly: Kathy Griffin! Squeeee!

Tomorrow: Bloatfest VI

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