Tuesday, January 12, 2010

NYC: Night 1 Day 2

OMG, you guys. This week is crazy and it's only Tuesday evening.

Last night:

  • Went to Caroline's and saw up-and-comers along with Darrell Hammond (photo-op -- woo!)

  • Dinner with my friend Liz from Oberlin (yay connections!)


  • VIP Tour of 30 Rock which included seeing Will Forte at the end of a hall (I think), photos on the SNL set, and this photograph of what you see when you first enter the lobby from the stairs:

    NBC Lobby

    I cannot wait to go to David Letterman tomorrow. DELICIOUS!

  • Seminars at Lubin House featuring Mark Taffet, the creator of HBOPPV and the most brilliant marketing system in television. I'll elaborate on the whole week more when I get back to Syracuse, but I'll just say now that Oregon Trail may be the key to monetizing Twitter.
  • Tour of Magno (NOT Mango) Sound, an editing house that reignited my passion for editing and postproduction.

    Tonight we have an Alumni Mixer (with a promise from Prof. Longstaff that we'll be getting drinks -- woo!).

    Tomorrow: More seminars at Lubin House then David Letterman day. Win!

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